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WSBA | Online Admissions


Admission by Lawyer Bar Examination Requirements for admission to practice law in Washington as a lawyer by exam.Learn More
Admission by Uniform Bar Exam Score Transfer How to transfer a Uniform Bar Exam score from another UBE jurisdiction.Learn More
Admission by Motion Lawyers admitted to practice law in other U.S states and territories may be eligible to practice in Washington without taking the Uniform Bar Exam.Learn More
Military Spouse Admission by Motion Lawyers admitted to practice law in other U.S states and territories, and do not qualify for APR 3(c)(1) or APR 3(d) and are the spouse of an active duty service member, may be eligible.Learn More
Reinstatement after Disbarment When am I eligible to petition for reinstatement after disbarment?Learn More
House Counsel and Multi-Jurisdictional Practice Information for lawyers admitted to practice law elsewhere about the limited license to practice law as house counsel for a company in Washington and other information about multi-jurisdictional practice under RPC 5.5.Learn More
Foreign Law Consultants Limited licenses for lawyers only licensed outside the U.S., to advise about the law of their licensing country.Learn More
Indigent Representation Represent indigents while waiting to take the lawyer bar exam, or while their application is pending for admission by motion or UBE score transfer.Learn More

Limited Practice Officer (LPO)

A license to select, prepare and complete approved documents for use in closing a loan, extension of credit, sale, or other transfer of real of personal property.Learn More

Law Clerk Program (APR 6)

Learn about Washington’s alternative to law school program.Learn More

Rule 9 Licensed Legal Interns (APR 9)

For law school students, recent graduates or law clerks working under the supervision of a lawyer.Learn More